In Pursuit of Happiness

Learning to Be Our Best Selves in a World of Uncertainty


Living well is now more challenging than ever.

Anxiety, Burnout, Sadness, and Unhappiness are widespread feelings during these historic times.

But now is also a time for hope.

We each possess great potential to overcome life’s challenges and to live well.

And by combining research-based psychological skills with the wisdom from older traditions—philosophy, world religions, mythology—we can create a new vision for living that allows us to

  • create meaning
  • live fully and happily
  • make a positive difference in the world.
Gary speaking at an event

Gary Morse, PhD, works and writes in areas of happiness and well-being (including preventing burnout), mental health, existentialism, spirituality, and cultural analysis.  He is especially interested on the intersection of those topics and ways that individuals can find meaning and live with joy and compassion amid life’s uncertainties and challenges.

As a clinical-community psychologist, Gary has developed innovative mental health services, ranging from homeless outreach to reducing professional burnout and improving happiness.  He has conducted, with $41 million in grant support, a number of mental health research studies.  Gary has published over 75 scientific articles and book chapters, in addition to short stories in literary magazines, and is a frequent speaker and trainer.

 His personal mission is to reduce human suffering and to improve individual and collective well-being.  He is currently writing a book that draws upon psychology, spirituality, and cultural analysis to create a new vision about ways to find happiness and meaning within the trials of modern life.

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The purpose of this site

To point to ideas, writings, and other resources that can help improve lives.

By design, the range of topics is wide, covering happiness and well-being, burnout prevention, mental health, existential considerations, spirituality, and social and cultural analysis—and especially the interplay of all those topics.

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Amazon Sale – Source of a River

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