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Course of a River coverSource of a River 

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Source of a River is an epic, moving tale of grit and love, of weathering the storms of trauma and loss while searching for that special connection that makes us feel truly alive

In the face of loss of trauma and loss, do you decide to embrace love—or rage at life as it is: full of uncertainty, trauma, and mystery?


Return of a Hero

A novelette by Gary Morse
(First published in Scarlet Leaf Review, January 2022)

After a combat tour in Iraq, a master sergeant longs to return to the life he once knew with his family, but finds instead a rebellious teenage daughter with both bipolar illness and an abusive boyfriend and the restless stirrings of his own traumas from the war and his youth.

— Content and themes deal with facing trauma and loss, mental health disorders, suicide and suicide risk, Iraq war, family conflict and parenting young adult children.—

Forthcoming Books


Finding Purpose and Joy In a Burned Out World: How You Can Use Effective Strategies from a Research-Based Program to Overcome Burnout

We live amid an epidemic of burnout that drains the energy and health of workers and escalates costs for companies.  This new book is based on cutting-edge practices and a user-friendly program that research has found to reduce burnout.  The book provides readers with the key concepts, strategies, skills, exercises and tools used in the BREATHE program–one of the very few programs supported by research for reducing burnout.

(Expected to be available by late 2024)

To Normal and Beyond: Recovering from the Pandemic (and More) While Transforming Ourselves and the World A nonfiction book

Despite frenetic activity—working, shopping, gaming, screen time, and much more—millions of people are neither happy nor satisfied.  We are instead living in an era of widespread disease, especially of mental health problems. Rates of depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse and drug overdose deaths, and unhappiness continue to reach record rates.  Meanwhile, social problems, especially violence and political divisiveness, and environmental threats also continue to worsen.  The pandemic has exacerbated many of these conditions, but our dirty, collective secret is that these are long-standing problems.

To Normal and Beyond will help the reader to understand the key cultural and psychological causes that lie beneath the plethora of personal and social problems that plague us.  More importantly, this nonfiction book will empower readers to create a new, contemporary vision of what it means to live well—lives that are more fulfilled, more meaningful, more heroic.  Readers will discover ways to be happier while also helping to make the world a healthier and saner place.

To Normal and Beyond distills wisdom from the world’s great spiritual traditions, identifies life-enhancing, science-based psychological principles, and provides specific strategies for personal growth.  The material will have strong appeal to readers who long for greater fulfillment and a better world.

(In preparation; expected to be available in 2025)