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Selected published mental health and psychology articles.

Articles on burnout prevention and well-being:

Morse, G., Salyers, M. P., Rollins, A. L., Monroe-DeVita, M., & Pfahler, C. (2012). Burnout in mental health services: A review of the problem and its remediation. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 39(5), 341-352

Salyers, M. P., Hudson, C., Morse, G., Rollins, A. L., Monroe-DeVita, M., Wilson, C., & Freeland, L. (2011). BREATHE: A pilot study of a one-day retreat to reduce burnout among mental health professionals. Psychiatric Services, 62(2), 214-217.

Morse, G. A., & Dell, N. A. (2021). The well-being and perspectives of community-based behavioral health staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social Work in Health Care, 60(2), 117-130.

Rollins, A. L., Morse, G., & Monroe-DeVita, M. (2021). Introduction to the special section: A call to action to address psychiatric rehabilitation workers’ well-being. Psychiatric rehabilitation journal, 44(3), 201.

Articles related to services for people with serious mental health disorders:

Morse, G.A., & McKasson, M. (2005). Assertive community treatment. In Drake, R.E., Merrens, M.R. & Lynde, D.W. (Eds.) Evidence-Based Mental Health Practice – A Textbook. New York: W.W. Norton & Co

Monroe-DeVita, M., Morse, G., Mueser, K. T., McHugo, G. J., Xie, H., Hallgren, K. A., … & Stiles, B. (2018). Implementing illness management and recovery within assertive community treatment: a pilot trial of feasibility and effectiveness. Psychiatric Services, 69(5), 562-571.

Morse, G., Monroe-DeVita, M., York, M. M., Peterson, R., Miller, J., Hughes, M., … & McHugo, G. J. (2020). Implementing illness management and recovery within assertive community treatment teams: A qualitative study. Psychiatric rehabilitation journal, 43(2), 121.

Nishith, P., Mueser, K. T., & Morse, G. A. (2015). A brief intervention for posttraumatic stress disorder in persons with a serious mental illness. Psychiatric rehabilitation journal, 38(4), 314.

Services for people who are homeless:

Morse, G. A., Calsyn, R. J., Miller, J., Rosenberg, P., West, L., & Gilliland, J. (1996). Outreach to homeless mentally ill people: Conceptual and clinical considerations. Community Mental Health Journal, 32(3), 261-274.

Morse, G. A., Calsyn, R. J., Allen, G., Tempelhoff, B., & Smith, R. (1992). Experimental comparison of the effects of three treatment programs for homeless mentally ill people. Psychiatric Services, 43(10), 1005-1010.

Wolff, N., Helminiak, T. W., Morse, G. A., Calsyn, R. J., Klinkenberg, W. D., & Trusty, M. L. (1997). Cost-effectiveness evaluation of three approaches to case management for homeless mentally ill clients. American Journal of Psychiatry, 154(3), 341-348.

Morse, G. A., York, M. M., Dell, N., Blanco, J., & Birchmier, C. (2020). Improving outcomes for homeless people with alcohol disorders: A multi-program community-based approach. Journal of Mental Health, 29(6), 684-691.

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