Course of a River cover
Source of a River: a Novel by Gary Morse

Source of a River is an epic, moving tale of grit and love, of weathering the storms of trauma and loss while searching for that special connection that makes us feel truly alive.

Now available.


A pensive eight-year-old boy is caught between parents grieving in different ways: His fearful mother is overprotective, his father recklessly seeking adventure. When John, the boy, disobeys his mom and goes ice fishing with his dad, he ventures too far out—precipitating a new trauma.

Twenty years on and John has suppressed the trauma. Mired in a successful but joyless existence, he meets Claire – an intense, sensual, volatile older woman who awakens John’s longing for passion and something more in life. Each yearns for love, but they struggle mightily to sustain intimacy, as she is wounded by loss and John by trauma.   When Claire challenges him to face his childhood trauma, John discovers a shocking new detail that heightens his growing anxiety about life, death, and commitment.

In the face of new loss, each must decide whether to embrace love—or rage at life as it is: full of uncertainty, trauma, and mystery.

Now available in paperback and eBook on Amazon and by order through most local bookstores, including Left Bank Books.