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Sooner or later, loss and tragedies are inevitable difficulties in our lives and they can derail our journeys for meaning and happiness.

Relationships can often buffer those stresses and bring us great joy, love, and a sense of connection to someone other than yourself.

But sustaining a healthy, intimate relationship—amid life’s stresses, hardships, family dynamics, and our psychological needs and patterns—is one of the most difficult challenges we face in life.

Book Reviews

These issues—of facing trauma, losses, and striving to sustain an intimate relationship—are core issues explored through literary fiction in my novel, Source of a River.  Psychological and philosophical perspectives are woven deep into the story, as one reviewer noted.

This novel, like all novels, is not for everyone.  It is a long read and the topics—of facing trauma, loss, complicated relationships, and the existential reality of our mortality—can be challenging.  The narrative includes adult content of swearing and multiple love-making scenes (not for prurient purposes but to illustrate the ways that people seek to use—and sometimes misuse—sex to create intimacy and a sense of being fully alive).

Overall, however, the novel provides a hopeful portrait of how people can face these issues and still grow in their maturity and resilience while embracing life and finding deep love, meaning, and spiritual connection.

For further evaluations of the novel, see independent and professional reviews at the Midwest Book Review and Donovan’s Literary Services and at Reedsy Discovery.

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